When you work with me, I'd like to think of myself as a friend, not a vendor. I am going to be there for you through ALL of it. 95% of my couples tell me they are awkward in front of the camera, which is why I've invested HUNDREDS if not thousands of dollars into education and practice on the most natural, and flattering photos. Not only am I going to make you feel confident, but I'm going to be your invisible 3rd wheel throughout the day to capture all the in-between moments that you might have not seen. I’m extremely intentional from how you should pose to the details of your day. I'll be there every step of the way to make you get the entire 360 view of your wedding day.

Photographer, recent bay area bride, and lover of dreamy light.

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Meet my biggest fans, John, Peanut + Lily.  John and I are recently married. We met in my 3rd year of college by volunteering as camp counselors that served kids in need and we felt an instant connection from the first day we met. After half a year of dating, I convinced him to take me the animal shelter as a date and little did he know this was my masterplan to adopt a kitty, named Lily. And ever since then, we've been one big happy family! We recently added another furbaby, Peanut (our dog) and we couldn't be more fulfilled.  If you and I work together, I talk about John a lot because he is one of the greatest humans I've ever met and my biggest inspiration. I truly value my clients as my friends, so I know you'll get to meet him soon too! 

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BEST SF wedding photographer - wezoree

Best elopement photographer - peerspace

Most romantic wedding photographer (SF Bay Area) - Luxlife


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