A Mayor’s Balcony Wedding at SF City Hall

Husband holding wife by the waist in San Francisco city hall

Weddings at San Francisco’s City Hall are getting more popular. As a photographer who spends at least 50% of her time photographing these weddings, I thought it would be fun to cover the ins and outs of having a Mayor’s Balcony Wedding at SF City Hall.

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A Mayor's Balcony Wedding at SF City Hall

Ada & Andy’s Mayor’s Balcony Wedding



City Hall wants to accommodate you as best as possible. To do this, they offer a One-hour Wedding Day package. This package is perfect for couples looking for a smaller ceremony and aren’t wanting to spend a lot of money.


Mayor's Balcony Floor Plan

Mayor’s Balcony Floor Plan



The One-Hour Wedding Package costs $1,000. This includes access to Mayor’s Balcony for one hour. You are able to have up to 100 guests. If you would like to have chairs, the fee is additional which you can access is here. That price also covers insurance and basic building services.

It is available Monday – Friday. The earliest ceremony option starts at 9:00 A.M. and the latest starts at 3:00 P.M.

Interested in booking this package? Check out their One-Hour Wedding Availability Calendar! They recommend picking a few different dates before getting them a call to actually book!


Man and women Kissing

Wedding at San Francisco City Hall



When planning your wedding, you need to keep in mind that you are not able to do any food/beverages. There just isn’t enough time in your limited one hour.

You are able to have musicians play, but they have to be acoustic, the need to be selected from a  qualified list, and be pre-approved. You are only allowed to have a max of two musicians.

San Francisco City hall remains open to the public during the one-hour package.  They also DO NOT PROVIDE AN OFFICIANT. You also need to have your marriage license BEFORE your wedding.



As a Wedding Photographer who has shot countless weddings not only at San Francisco City Hall but on Mayor’s Balcony, I have lots of thoughts on the matter.

I always recommend choosing the one-hour package simply because it makes your wedding day so easy! I mean, they set up for you and you are able to use that one hour however you want!

A Typical Mayor’s Balcony Wedding:

I usually see couples do a 20 – 30 minute ceremony and then follow it up with taking family portraits.

My Recommendation:

You should come two hours before your ceremony to take portraits in San Francisco City Hall. That way after the ceremony and other photos are finished, you can leave to celebrate with them.


SF City Hall Wedding

SF City Hall Wedding


Interested in A Mayor’s Balcony Wedding at SF City Hall? Check out their event’s website.

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